Amy Stone

Hello there…I’m Amy.

Since 2004 I have been building and running online consumer service-based businesses. Most business mentors are focused on business-to-business (b2b)systems.

In my experience, b2b “stuff” works differently than companies that sell services to consumers.

I spent a lot of time looking for support and assistance only to realize I was looking for advice from people who had done something completely different than what I was doing. That wasn’t super helpful.

Here’s the other thing. Every once in a while…but it can feel like ALL THE TIME…I would turn to an expert for help to realize that they had never actually built a successful business themselves. That’s weird right?

I have built and run a successful business. You can see my primary biz here. A few actually and I’m happy to tell you about what I’ve learned along the way.

If you are looking for education, support and mentorship for building a Business-to-Consumer Service Business … I just might be able to help.

There are only TWO things to do on this page. Neither of them is a hard sell of an expensive product. I know, it’s just crazy.

One is to sign up on my email list. There’s no financial cost for this. This is how I deliver my information. When it’s ready you will begin to receive a daily email with tips, tools and maybe even wisdom.

The other is to see my tech stack which is a page where I share the products I use. These are mostly if not all affiliate links. You can access this by clicking the product link up at the top.

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